The Friends have purchased and helped to purchase several items.

£100 has been spent on some wooden printing blocks for some Stuart catalogues.  Broadfield was in possesion of several of these which came with the glass emptied from the bricked up annexe at the Red House Cone.  These and the glass ware have been removed to Stoke on Trent.

£50 has been spent on a black glass feather commissioned by the Museum from the artist Carrie Fertig.  The feathers featured in her large entry to the 2010 Biennale.

There are still items to be paid for, but these are in the negotiation stage at the moment :-

A dish by Jacqueline Cooley

A lamp by Margret Trolli

1_20100517_1167021826 Jonathan Harris Mulberry Intrinsic Cameo Vase

Aquisition Date: April 2010

Description: Mulberry Intrinsic Cameo Vase 2010

Maker: Designed and carved by Jonathan Harris, blank blown to Jonathan's design by Simon Eccles and Darren Weed.

Dimensions: Height 30cm (12in)

Purchase details: Commissioned by the Museum from the Artist with funding from the Jane Carney Bequest

Jane Carney joined Dudley Council in 1994 to work as Keeper of Himley Hall. She later became the Development Officer for the Museums Service, with responsibility not only for Broadfield House Glass Museum but also the Museum and Art Gallery in Dudley and the Red House Glass Cone. Jane died of cancer in 2008 aged only 44 and in her will she left a sizeable sum of money both to Broadfield House and Dudley Museum and Art Gallery an amazingly generous gesture which shows how passionate she felt about her work for the Museums.

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somerleyton-vase-v1_20100515_1916618281Somerleyton Hall Enamelled Vase

Aquisition Date: March 2010

Description: Vase made of white glass with enamelled and gilt decoration in the Islamic and Oriental style

Maker: Thomas Webb & Sons

Dimensions: Height 24cm (9.5in)

Purchase details: Funded by donations from museum visitors

The vase was made by Thomas Webb & Sons of Amblecote, Stourbridge, about 1885.  The decoration is probably by Jules Barbe, a French-born artist, who came to Stourbridge in 1879 and set up a glass-decorating workshop at the Webb factory.

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